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        About Us
        Contact Us

        Address : No.4209,Shendu Road

        Min Hang District, Shanghai

        Post code:201112




        E-mail market@silver-pt.com


        Company Profile Current Location:Home > About Us > Company Profile


           Shanghai Silver Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the most famous China-Canada Joint Venture which manufacture and supply maintenance portable machine tools, sell advanced machines and tools, provide leasing service and related engineering technology service. With great financial and technological strength, our machines and tools are widely used in the areas of nuclear power, electric power, petrochemical industry, steel and shipyards. Our company attracts a lot of talents, who have designed and developed a series of world-class portable machine: IMF Flange Facer Machine, MFS Flange Facer Machine, CSB Severing & Beveling Machine, IMB Severing & Beveling Machine, our trained technicians can provide satisfactory post-sale service for our customers.
         After years of efforts and with the help of our collaborating units, our company grows larger and stronger. With the recognition of our products by customers, we have established business relationships with petroleum and petrifaction,marine oil plantform,nuclear power station,thermal power station,oil and gas pipes,vessels,chemical fertilizer plant,refinery, providing special design and customized engineering components for customers. Moreover, we also provide a series of onsite beveling for many other domestic thermal power and chemical plants, which are highly appraised. Currently, we have been designated as onsite equipment supplier by many domestic enterprises in the areas of thermal power, nuclear power, machinery and heavy industry, petrochemical equipment as well as maintenance and installation.

              Copyright © Shanghai Silver Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd 沪ICP备05019406号 About Us | Products | Service | Contact Us      
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