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        Contact Us

        Address : No.4209,Shendu Road

        Min Hang District, Shanghai

        Post code:201112




        E-mail market@silver-pt.com


        Current LocationHome > Products > I.D.Mounted Flange Facing Machine
        IMF8000Hi I.D. Mounted Flange Facing Machine

                  The most aggressive on-site machine in the world covers the largest machining diameter as we have known. Complicated machining is insured by CNC mechanical linkage from 3 axis, capable of variety of application in machining e.g. milling, turning, boring.  The adjustable speed transmission, containing 6 gears, makes efficiency and precision well-prove.  The indexing function simplifies manual operation in direction adjusting of tool bit.


        Tool slide :


        Radial travel :

        31.5 (800)

        Vertical travel :

        11.8 (300)

        Swivel :

        -45˚ to 0˚ to 45˚


        (0 is perpendicular to the flange surface)


        Tool feed system :


        Automatic feed :

        CNC, reversible


        0-39.37 (0-1000) per rev.


        Rotational drive assembly :


        Machining speed :

        2.5 rpm at 10.05 hp (7.5kw)

        Indexing precision:

        1 arc sec

        Standard ID mounting diameter :

        157.48-307.09  (4000-7800)

        Standard ID facing diameter :

        157.48-314.96  (4000-8000)


        On - site Application


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