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        About Us
        Contact Us

        Address : No.4209,Shendu Road

        Min Hang District, Shanghai

        Post code:201112




        E-mail market@silver-pt.com


        Service Current Location:Home > Service

        1.  We will organize users to attend an  on-site training  for free.

        2. Our company has components inventory throughout the year. Customers can dispatch products that need to repair to my company for  testing and repairing.

        3. We can respond in few hours at the notification of customer after our machine goes wrong. And solutions will be determined as soon as possible with the cooperation of

        customers. Moreover, our  service technicians will arrive at the site within 24-48 hours if service on site is neccessary.

        4. Guaranty of  using: For any customer who buys standard series of products, we will provide spare machine of the same type  for free if the product is  malfunctioned and

        returned to my factory for repairing.

        Call center86-21-54640553/86-21-54131572                              



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